Blackhead Killer Style Lux Review

It a great sign that you’re doing well in the blogging world is when you start to receive products to review. So thanks to all you wonderful lot, I got my first item in the post this week, and, what is it you say? A funky pushchair? A beautiful notice board? A shabby chic kitchen appliance? Nope! Acne treatment, oh the joys of being a ‘Slummy Mummy’ eh?

995233_10152506274124498_1529034587_nWell, what some of you won’t know is that actually this is a blessing in disguise as, since my little girl arrived nearly 8 years ago, I have suffered from the most horrendous Cystic Acne, it is a hormonal imbalance which creates planet sized lumps under the skin surface, this causes terrible scarring and much embarrassment for me. It is one of the many reasons why I can never be a ‘Yummy Mummy’

For years I have battled with various creams and antibiotics in a bid to tame this. The final uber treatment which my Dermatologist has recommended is a pretty serious drug called Accutane. This daddy of all medications comes with side effects a plenty not to mention your skin near enough falls off for 5 months before you begin to see results, its magical powers are so strong that you can’t begin to take this if you’re either pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore it is out of the window for me until little man decides he has had enough of boob (I suspect this will be another year away at least) and, what do I do if I want more children? I have to commit to 2 years treatment. I’m not ready for that!…. Therefore I’m left with no alternative but to sit this one out for a while and try any and every product I can get my hands on.

Style Lux UK have invited me to join their official bloggers group and from this I can expect to receive various little items including control pants (wooo Bridget Jones) acne treatment and some pretty cool hair pieces…. This company seems to have been made for me right? (see following post).

So, with nothing to lose I’ve given their ‘Blackhead Killer’ a try….. I don’t think it will solve my skin issues but the product is said to ‘Peel your pimples away!’ worth a go right?

There are some fantastic reviews on-line for this product from those with mild to moderate skin problems so let’s see what it does to help a true suffer!!! (I also convinced the hubby to give this one a go)

Day one:
Both Scott and I have time off of work for the festive period, no more marking into the early hours for him and typing into the night for me, some proper one on one time…… we give date night a go…. Just a movie and a bottle of wine, the kids are both asleep and the opening credits of ‘Burn After Reading’ flash across the TV screen. I apply a generous layer of the mask over my husband’s nose, cheeks and forehead….. Wa La! He’s wearing a bat mask (nope he wouldn’t let me photograph this). It def looks like tar but he claims it doesn’t even tingle on his skin…. I monitor the clock and sneak little smirks in his direction.bat

10 mins later and the time has come to peal….. I’ve been looking forward to this part…. It’s kinda like those satisfying moments when you watch pore strip removals on youtube (just me??? Yeh, I’m slummy, we know this)

The mask is still a bit sticky and It prob could have done with another five mins to set, but I’m too impatient to wait longer….. the results aren’t all out spectacular at first but you really can see all the oils removed on the back of the mask and I can’t see one black head around his nose, nope, not one….. Maybe I should have checked his skin before though?? Fail on my part.

Day one conclusion: I’m impressed that the product is easy to apply and remove, and it seems to have done what it says on the er, packet but I think now I have my control subject out of the way, I can give this a go on myself. I’m keen to see if it really does remove all the dried skin as, the topical creams I use tend to dry out my top layer giving me a flaky, gremlin type appearance….. The best thing by far about this product is that it is 100% natural, meaning I’m not too worried that they will react with my current treatment.

Safe, all-natural herbal ingredients!

Best of all, you can use Blackhead Killer with complete confidence. Unlike treatments that can irritate your skin or drugs that can cause problems, it’s made    with safe, all-natural herbal ingredients.

Day two/three

Oh my this product is addictive, I left the mask to set a little longer than the recommended time and, I must admit that it was a little painful to remove. Its worth following the less is more approach with this, but, the results are fairly dramatic.

As my acne in deeper than the surface of the skin I did not expect it to do much by way of helping breakouts, but this mask has indeed removed all the dead skin from my face, leaving me with a smooth surface. It has also improved the look of my scaring and leaves me feeling more confident.

Unfortunately 24 hours later and I’ve had to use another sachet as my skin in flaking again. I suspect this is just the nature of my condition rather than a fault in the product:


Here is a quick round up

Ease of application 5/10 (it’s worth keeping some wet wipes handy for your hands but cleans off with ease)
Ease of removal 6/10 (a little painful but not messy)
Effectiveness 7/10 (leaves skin glowing but would need to be tested on all skin types
Price 5/10 it is an expensive product at £14.95 for 5 sachets however, the effectiveness of this product justifies the price)

Style Lux also offers a money back guarantee on this product

100% money-back guarantee

Works the first time you use it or your money back!

That’s right! You’ll see your pimples, blackheads, and redness peel away the very first time you use it – guaranteed! In fact, if you’re not completely    satisfied, just return the unused portion and we’ll issue a complete refund. No questions asked.

This product can be found at this link


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