Not So Shabby

20 years ago I got a dressing table for my birthday, it’s was in lovely 90s orange pine and all the rage back then. I had it in my bedroom with my porcelain doll collection and my peach paintsplatter walls…. I was so cool! Fast forward a few years and that dressing table has survived no less than 7 house moves. I think if I held onto it any longer it might even have come back in style. 

I  just couldn’t get rid of it though, great storage and extremely sturdy, it made its rounds across the westcountry and finally settled in H’s room last year, coincidently, she is now the same age I was when I got it all those years ago….. It was time for a make-over, an upgrade, and a step into the modern world of tweens.

So, two weeks, three packs of sand paper (yes I did it by hand), two undercoats, two glosses, chalk board black and a few random accessories later and it was finally complete. Scott lined the drawers with sticky back plastic and we added some new handles. 
It’s not shabby chic…. But not too shabby either. 

Disclaimer: the drawers get stuck and the room is a disaster zone 99.9% of the time, but still, go me… I spent weeks after wandering around the house, looking for things to paint!



Sanded and primed


a touch of colour




notes to our girlie


sometimes tidy……

IMG_2180-0  IMG_2978

how the room looks most of the time


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21 thoughts on “Not So Shabby

  1. How clever are you? It looks brilliant and you’d never know it was an orange pine colour beforehand. Looking back I loved all the interior projects I did with my Mom for my bedroom. We’ve recently redecorated our three year olds bedroom with an Emma Bridgewater theme ‘Men At Work’ and he loves it (as do I) but I haven’t done any upcycling as yet. Great post.

    • Thing about pine furniture, is its so cheap to buy now second hand, but it’s so solid and great quality…. There’s just not enough time in the day sometimes, I have a few more projects waiting….. They’ll prob be waiting a while. I can’t wait to see what you create, good luck!!

  2. I’d had a dressing table like this too! And I am also holding on to it for an unknown reason. It is currently being used as a desk but it’s not really big enough. What a makeover! I’m sure your girl will love it xx

  3. You’re so bloody clever, things like this would end up with me throwing the paint everywhere, kicking the table and screaming into a pillow! I praise you! 🙂 x

  4. Well DONE lovely!! What a fabulous up-cycle — particularly as it’s a pice of furniture that you’ve had for such a long time!! I just love seeing how people change old furniture for modern living. This is fab 🙂 You should link up to our #HomeEtc linky on a Wednesday! This is the kind of thing that everyone loves over there!! 🙂

  5. Fab makeover! Although pine is very dated now it is usually well made so it’s ideal for a revamp. We have a pine sideboard waiting until we have the time to do similar. I’m sure your daughter loves your hard work 🙂 #homeetc

  6. You have done a great job, that’s amazing how long it has lasted. You know you have to keep it in the family FOREVER! 😀 Love the last pic, exactly like my little sister’s room… and she’s 23! x

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