The author: Emily Macdonald BA

Web editor-Writer-Wife-Mother-Superfan-self confessed slummy mummy

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog or want to drop me a line to share your story you can email me at

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Media info: we enjoy working with brands and companies which match our quirky fun style, media packs available on request so drop us a line for more info or to discuss your requirements and ideas

Our household consist of

Scott: male 26 lecturer and history buff

Emily: female 29 Buffy buff 

Big girl H: female 9 going on 19 tween animal lover, read-a-holic

Roo: Male 3 Christmas Day baby, serious, puzzle mad, Lego crazy and all round nice chap

Netgy Noo: male 18 months, likes breastfeeding, getting involved and being cute 




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