A Pirate feast: Foodie Ideas for a Swashbucking Party

So the scene is set, you’ve decorated the room for a troupe of mini pirates, what’s next? here is a rundown of the food we laid out for little Roos third birthday. amazingly it was fairly simple, a few mini chalk boards from The Range and even the obligatory cheese and pineapple sticks were given a ‘jolly’; twist.DSCF6546DSCF6566





Setting The Scene For A Swashbuckling Pirate Party

A month ago I showed you our fabulous bottle of fun party invites for Roos Pirate themed BIrthday Party. Well, during the Easter break that swashbuckling foray took place. From the food to the decor, I worked my crafty socks to the bone and, with lots of help from my far more organised other half, we just about pulled it off….. Here is the first of a few posts…. 

From flags to masts, bunting to props here are some ideas for anyone wanting to host a themed event for their own little one.

A mast centrepiece 

We painted an old sheet with poster paint


and added a cross (because roo doesnt like skulls)


the scene is nearly set


an added touch from little mans pirate ship toy

we used a mix of different styles for this. Chalk board flags are brilliant and can be used time and time again. You can see our previous use for H’s Tween themed party on Instagram. I spent hours cutting out these anchors from silver card…. Not something I would recommend….  Especially if you use the next one to frame the following…. The final cut out was more smudge than ahoy there… But yo ho and all that 

   I ordered this beautiful name bunting from the extremely talented Viv at lovingly made gifts. With an Xmas day birthday we thought Roo could keep this from his party as a special out of season present. Do pop along to her Facebook page and give her a like…. Although be warned, your newsfeed will be filled with lots of tempting handmade goodies. 

     A few final touches and we just had to wait 



Crafty Pirate

Ahoy there! I’ve been working my little socks off and crafting away. Being born on Christmas Day, we wanted little Roo to have another day in the year to look forward to. Last year he turned 3 and started preschool so  we wanted to throw him his first ever birthday party! 

The theme? Pirates!!! he’s not keen on the whole skull and crossbones but loves the idea of treasure maps and dessert islands. For the day, we have some swashbuckling games planned and more than a few chocolate coins. But first, we have to invite his little ship mates….. What better way than a message in a bottle?! 

Even the children got involved, crushing oats and branflakes into sand… It’s possible there are a few hidden raisins in there too somewhere…..

I found the bottles on eBay, they were perfect for this project because they’re plastic rather than glass

For the labels and invites I turned to publisher, I actually had a go on photoshop before accepting defeat and turning to old faithful, but I think they came out well and nothing beats a teabag for ageing up the paper… 

I did nearly set off the smoke detector when browning of the edges though, still, this makes a change from cooking and cake related disasters 

I added glitter detail to make the image pop… Mainly because I have a shed load of red left over from Christmas…. I’m putting red glitter on everything at the moment… Water bill cheque all blinged up!

The charms were a fab eBay find from China, just 99p for 50…. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the rest, so if anyone wants one or 45… give me a shout.

And finally the name labels were another Christmas craft leftover..

Aside from adding the wrong phone number (sigh) it’s one of my more successful enterprises…. And those invited know me anyway so I don’t think some poor old lady is going to have too many confusing phone calls from mini pirates…


Home Etc


My name is Emily, and I’m an addict! That’s right, I hold my hands up, there is nothing I like better than a special occasion or craft venture. When the children are in bed (rarely their own I add) and my work is done for the evening, when the dishes are stacked haphazardly in the the dishwasher, and the clean washing pile is staring at me wondering why it has been on the stairs for three days… I like nothing better than to surf the net looking for a procrastination project….. Special occasions provide just this…. I’m an insomniac… I can go for a week straight on 4 hours sleep a night…. Pinterest and google images are my partners in crime.

From the decorations, to the food, I love pinning ideas and planing my next venture. Unfortunately I’m also one of those people who has the ideas, but is somewhat lacking in skill, more often than not my poor husband get roped Into helping with the finer details. This week my thoughts turned to birthday parties! H is 10 in March (you can check out last years escapades here) and Roo…. Well He turned 3 on Xmas day which unfortunately for him, means we have been planning, but not quite executing his party for several months now. With Easter just around the corner, I’m in my element. My job as a website editor isn’t a creative outlet and I find blogging feeds this terrible habit, but, as I took a break from this during mat leave and starting my current role with work, I fear I didn’t share with you all my triumphs (and disasters). 

Now don’t be fooled by the images, because I can assure you they lasted only as long as it took to take a snap but, here’s some of (oh yes there’s loads more) my procrastination projects of the past year…or two…. 

Fancy seeing some more of my makes?? The odd behind the scenes fail too? With Easter, a girlie sleepover and a pirate extravaganza on the way in the next month… Oh plus the revamped site launch… It’s worth popping along to slummy mummy on Facebook to keep up to date. My poor husband has his work cut out for him…. As, I’ll no doubt leave him with detailed instructions, a hastily scribbled diagram and best wishes while I navigate my evenings boobing, working, blogging, directing (new site) and taking that washing upstairs…. Who am I kidding? It can stay there another three days…. 

It’s nice for couples to have a project together anyway…. One day I’ll tell you about our elf on the shelf business escapades….. Maybe at Christmas? Who wants to hear about that in March….. Cough 

*disclaimer if you read a previous post! you will see most of these projects took place during mat leave…. The next few will probably be done by my husband, with me taking (some) credit …. Although I do have some leave booked just for planning and diagrams…. 

Home Etc

Not So Shabby

20 years ago I got a dressing table for my birthday, it’s was in lovely 90s orange pine and all the rage back then. I had it in my bedroom with my porcelain doll collection and my peach paintsplatter walls…. I was so cool! Fast forward a few years and that dressing table has survived no less than 7 house moves. I think if I held onto it any longer it might even have come back in style. 

I  just couldn’t get rid of it though, great storage and extremely sturdy, it made its rounds across the westcountry and finally settled in H’s room last year, coincidently, she is now the same age I was when I got it all those years ago….. It was time for a make-over, an upgrade, and a step into the modern world of tweens.

So, two weeks, three packs of sand paper (yes I did it by hand), two undercoats, two glosses, chalk board black and a few random accessories later and it was finally complete. Scott lined the drawers with sticky back plastic and we added some new handles. 
It’s not shabby chic…. But not too shabby either. 

Disclaimer: the drawers get stuck and the room is a disaster zone 99.9% of the time, but still, go me… I spent weeks after wandering around the house, looking for things to paint!



Sanded and primed


a touch of colour




notes to our girlie


sometimes tidy……

IMG_2180-0  IMG_2978

how the room looks most of the time


Home Etc