Sunday Tales and Snails Trails

Sunday is our typical walk day, and the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the toddler was tantruming… Etc etc so today we stayed at home.. Except we used the garden and our brand spanking new BBQ!  

 Hell! It was hard work… All that waiting, salad prepping, Pimms drinking, I’m a ball of tiredness this evening. But, it’s the most fun we have had in a long time.  


I know the family BBQ is meant to be a staple pastime, but until now we hadn’t made the most of our garden. We have a large deck which overlooks the fields and a smaller lawn area which is beautiful, but deadly…. Seriously there’s a shear drop onto the hedge below and, until this weekend, we were unsure what to do… We had this new shiny toy… Re hot death trap and a six foot drop
Out came the playpen, to bridge the gap. The children wouldn’t be able to use the garden but they could spend the day on the deck… Luckily that’s where the outside tap is. After eating, playing, snail taming (more on that later) we had a water fight…. Yes all of us! Playing catch with water balloons on a belly full of piri piri pork and burgers, we had a whale of a time. It’s days like this that make me all reflective. Who says we are not cool parents (eh H?)  

Here are some observations though

Garden furniture:

We have none, well, one plastic chair (that we had to wrestle Aragog in the shed for) and a rusty old table, which I covered in a table cloth. But jeez, how expensive is your basic table and chairs set??? Last year I ordered one on Amazon…. It arrived and we collapsed into giggles… It was a kids set… So, this year I’m attempting the pallet upcycle…. Oh yes I am…. I’ve pinned it!  


Garden toys

You see it on all the summer pictures, children prancing about in giant paddling pools with a Wendy house and supersoakers…. We (had) a tiny ring but Aragog saw to it that we will never touch it again… It’s at the back of the shed, with his babies…. But turns out, you don’t need all that stuff, the tent for our playroom served as shade, a skipping rope…. One cosy coupe… Strike that, we need two… Two cosy coupes for the love of god we need two….it turns out, playing petrol pump attendant, while your brother Flintstones around the decking is not a cool, fun job…. A job which leads to tears and screams… A job that ends in someone getting hurt. And, if you’re wondering…. It’s not a role that can be appeased with ice poles. 

Nature teaches life lessons

Today Harriet became a mother (of sorts) she took under her wing a snail, Barbara by name, slimy by nature. She protected Barbara from younger children, children who insisted she needed ‘more food’ while hurling dandelions at her and burying her under a mountain of leaves. She stroked her shell and talked in hushed tones. I was reminded of the Dick-King-Smith novel from my childhood….SOPHIE’S SNAIL? 


Now I know what you’re thinking, my sub heading does spell impending doom…. But hold on to your shells, Barbara lives… But H did learn something…  

 After playing with her newly acquired friend for a good thirty mins she announced 

‘I’m going to have to let her go….. I can’t protect her forever, it’s just too much responsibility’


Straight face, eyebrow raised emoji and a knowing nod.

Happy Sunday people!!


Yet Another Sunday Walk….. A few weeks Overdue

In general we make an effort to get out every Sunday, but with new jobs, lack of clean washing and tbh, a bit of laziness, we have neglected our tradition for nearly a month…. Last week we actually went scouting at the local boot sale instead…love April because they all start up again

But,  today, for May,  we decided it had been far too long, and we set off for Drogo (National Trust). We haven’t been yet this Spring and it was so lovely to see the flowers out and the building looking so much closer to completion…. 

We don’t normally use the cafes, because our day ends up costing too much, but today we decided to treat ourselves to some hot-chocolate and scones in the garden area also.


The day started a bit hectic and despite requesting H do her hair and put on her wellies, we rushed out the house without double checking, only to arrive and discover she had not done either…. It turns out, heading upstairs to get some socks was far too much effort and she opted instead for summer pumps…. Cue argument…. Sulking and tween attitude for the first hour….  Luckily she perked up, despite v cold feet and enjoyed the rest of the visit…. Juggling the needs of toddlers and a tween is difficult…. She is starting to resist our walks and this is somthing I’m finding tough… I think we need to think of new ways to engage her so she doesn’t feel left out, ideas on a post card please! 

Enjoy our foray into May



Setting The Scene For A Swashbuckling Pirate Party

A month ago I showed you our fabulous bottle of fun party invites for Roos Pirate themed BIrthday Party. Well, during the Easter break that swashbuckling foray took place. From the food to the decor, I worked my crafty socks to the bone and, with lots of help from my far more organised other half, we just about pulled it off….. Here is the first of a few posts…. 

From flags to masts, bunting to props here are some ideas for anyone wanting to host a themed event for their own little one.

A mast centrepiece 

We painted an old sheet with poster paint


and added a cross (because roo doesnt like skulls)


the scene is nearly set


an added touch from little mans pirate ship toy

we used a mix of different styles for this. Chalk board flags are brilliant and can be used time and time again. You can see our previous use for H’s Tween themed party on Instagram. I spent hours cutting out these anchors from silver card…. Not something I would recommend….  Especially if you use the next one to frame the following…. The final cut out was more smudge than ahoy there… But yo ho and all that 

   I ordered this beautiful name bunting from the extremely talented Viv at lovingly made gifts. With an Xmas day birthday we thought Roo could keep this from his party as a special out of season present. Do pop along to her Facebook page and give her a like…. Although be warned, your newsfeed will be filled with lots of tempting handmade goodies. 

     A few final touches and we just had to wait 



Our Easter Tree

Yes, Easter is early this year…. Too early… I’m hardly over Christmas and with big girl Hs birthday sleepover and a pirate party to plan…. Easter is just too much… There’s only so many crafts a girl (ahem woman) can cope with. But, I refuse to be defeated!!! We all know I love a special occasion and, in between paper plate port holes and sleepover goodie bags…. The Macdonald clan have (with the help of our mothers help) made a perfect Easter centre piece… I even cleared out some storage baskets (there are shampoo and soap containers all over the bathroom floor now) to make the children an obligatory nest each…. After all, the Easter bunny needs somewhere to stash their goodies for Easter Day….. Even if the chocolate has a slight Lush scent 

I may have got a bit carried away at the Range (I love that place so much)…. But when everything you need come in at under £25 how could I refuse a trip? ….. With two toddlers…. Yeh, I bribed with chocolate! But that’s what Easter’s about right? Chocolate… Oh and Jesus rising again… I wonder if Jesus liked chocolate? I’m sure he would LOVE Range…. If I died for everyone’s sins I’d def rise again to visit that place…. Maybe without two toddlers though… 




I might or might not have stopped off at the most amazing sweet shop on the way home to get some Easter fudge… 




Sunday Walks 1

I’ve decided to record our Sunday escapades in their very own tag, and maybe a whole heading of their own once the new site is up and running. Im not a photographer but im snap happy and I love taking the camera along to record our family tradition. So, for each outing Im going to post a gallery of images as a memory. It also saves me writing a whole post each time, inverably we are late, take a picnic, push through a few tantrums and have a wonderful day. take that as a given and enjoy..






My name is Emily, and I’m an addict! That’s right, I hold my hands up, there is nothing I like better than a special occasion or craft venture. When the children are in bed (rarely their own I add) and my work is done for the evening, when the dishes are stacked haphazardly in the the dishwasher, and the clean washing pile is staring at me wondering why it has been on the stairs for three days… I like nothing better than to surf the net looking for a procrastination project….. Special occasions provide just this…. I’m an insomniac… I can go for a week straight on 4 hours sleep a night…. Pinterest and google images are my partners in crime.

From the decorations, to the food, I love pinning ideas and planing my next venture. Unfortunately I’m also one of those people who has the ideas, but is somewhat lacking in skill, more often than not my poor husband get roped Into helping with the finer details. This week my thoughts turned to birthday parties! H is 10 in March (you can check out last years escapades here) and Roo…. Well He turned 3 on Xmas day which unfortunately for him, means we have been planning, but not quite executing his party for several months now. With Easter just around the corner, I’m in my element. My job as a website editor isn’t a creative outlet and I find blogging feeds this terrible habit, but, as I took a break from this during mat leave and starting my current role with work, I fear I didn’t share with you all my triumphs (and disasters). 

Now don’t be fooled by the images, because I can assure you they lasted only as long as it took to take a snap but, here’s some of (oh yes there’s loads more) my procrastination projects of the past year…or two…. 

Fancy seeing some more of my makes?? The odd behind the scenes fail too? With Easter, a girlie sleepover and a pirate extravaganza on the way in the next month… Oh plus the revamped site launch… It’s worth popping along to slummy mummy on Facebook to keep up to date. My poor husband has his work cut out for him…. As, I’ll no doubt leave him with detailed instructions, a hastily scribbled diagram and best wishes while I navigate my evenings boobing, working, blogging, directing (new site) and taking that washing upstairs…. Who am I kidding? It can stay there another three days…. 

It’s nice for couples to have a project together anyway…. One day I’ll tell you about our elf on the shelf business escapades….. Maybe at Christmas? Who wants to hear about that in March….. Cough 

*disclaimer if you read a previous post! you will see most of these projects took place during mat leave…. The next few will probably be done by my husband, with me taking (some) credit …. Although I do have some leave booked just for planning and diagrams…. 

Home Etc

Winter Walks

 Living in the heart of Devon means we are surrounded by some wonderful scenery. Every Sunday we try and get out for a walk as a family, whatever the weather, we gather up the wellies and coats and sometimes remember a picnic, getting out the house with three kids can be a bit of a mission so we aim to leave my 10:30am…. Nothing like blowing away the cobwebs and forgetting the pile of washing for a while. 
I love this time of year because the national trust places we visit (we are members) are normally quiet. Today I’m sporting a very stylish eye patch… Not unlike a pirate… I’ve developed a cornea infection as a result of my acne….so the chill in the air helped hide my shame and embarrassment… The camera hid the rest of my face… Here’s a few pics from the last few weeks









Work in Progress 

That’s right! We are rebranding and relaunching our site very soon. Out with the old and in with the new as they say.  

Rather like myself, this blog is a bit squigy around the edges! Links to nowhere and hastily styled. It’s time to bring it up-to-date. I’m so excited! First on the to-do-list is a new logo! Then it’s on to a a brand spanking new custom layout…. I’ll keep you updated on progress as we go along. I’m working with a fab web designer right here in Devon and can’t wait to share this journey with you all

I would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a perfect blog!